If you are looking for the most effective Radio Advertising solution for your brand, you have landed at the right place.

What Dataslices does for you?

Dataslices does not only offer the desirable air time at the best price but also provides value added services to make your entire radio advertising campaignextremely handy and easy for you to run. It helps you optimize your radio advertising campaign by allowing you to strategically choose the radio channel and airtime that is best suited to your needs followed by the complete monitoring of your ad.

Airtime Selection:

Dataslices using its expertise suggests you the most favorable placement after knowing your requirement and works on your behalf giving you the top advertising package at the lowest possible rate.

Just simply complete an Airtime Request Form as you plan to set up your campaign and select the category of the show you want to place your ad in. You can choose the category that best suits your ad profile, for instance; comic, current affairs, beauty etc. and get a list of shows airing under that particular category to aid your selection process. We can plan your radio advertising campaign differently depending on what your objective is;

  • Your radio plan can be functional for instance, targeting a geographical area
  • Your radio campaign can be structured for instance, focusing on the breakfast hours for a new cereal product
  • Or we can buy radio airtime to be tailored to your creative execution for instance, different radio commercial durations, place in radio commercial break, number of radio ads per commercial break etc.

Upon selection of the category and above criteria, you can just identify your interest and requirement and we shall select and recommend you the most appropriate radio channels and shows that fit your criteria. Further, you can also mark your interest for the placement of your ad in the monthly calendar for each show/ channel you are interested in.

Dataslices Radio Advertising Service is designed to make all your campaigns very convenient and efficient to run. You can create, operate and manage your own ads and make all intelligent decision about your advertising campaign without having any specific technical knowledge. You can track all your ads running in different shows and monitor their performance through a special designed monitoring panel.

Once your campaign starts, you will get an account that you can access anytime around the clock to view and monitor all your individual ads and campaigns, keep a track of their performance and even generate ad report.

Best Pricing:

Dataslices ensures that its clients run the most economical radio ad campaigns on both requested and recommended airtimes.

Value Added Packages:

Package 1: Book 50 slots to be used in unlimited time and get 10,000 SMS, 10, 000 emails, designed QR code and promotion on radio channel's Facebook Timeline for FREE

Package 2: Book 75 slots to be used in unlimited time and get 10,000 SMS, 10, 000 emails, designed QR code, promotion on radio channel's Facebook Timeline and ad on radio station website for FREE

Package 3: Book 100 slots to be used in unlimited time and get 10,000 SMS, 10, 000 emails, designed QR code, promotion on radio channel's Facebook Timeline, ad on radio station website, radio station mobile apps and short code service for FREE