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We provide digital media technologies for Agencies, Advertisers & Publishers as well. We have unified management of digital marketing campaigns across rich media, search engines, video, websites, application developmentSMS & Email marketing for advertisers and publishers. Having industry leading tools & very close collaboration, we guarantee our clients to achieve targeted & measurable results in a very short period of time.

Dataslices has professionals & highly trained staff to meet your needs in following services


We provide Information Security Strategies with specialty in placing high frequency match to the job requirement at any level from Ethical Hacker to SVP Technology and mapping it to your overall goals of IT & compliance. 

We take a holistic view of our client’s business priorities to create opportunities to address risk to the most valuable business assets.

Our experts implements an effective Cybersecurity Program to monitor and respond to threats.

Bluetooth/Beacon marketing operates on wireless technology to reach target audience nearby your establishment with direct response message.For more information on Bluetooth/Beacon Marketing Services please visit

Dataslices has professionals & highly trained staff to meet your needs in following services

SMS Marketing, Advertising, Social Email Marketing, Digital Barcode (QR Code) Services, Mobile Phone Applications Development, Website Development, Social Tree, Generic Top Level Domain, Publisher Network, Snapchat Marketing

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Dataslices provides flexible SMS solution to the clients ranging from big corporate & multinational companies, advertising & media agencies, small retail vendors, to individuals and students.

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We provides a breakthrough technology platform, which is the one stop solution for all your enterprise communication needs. Our easy-to-use SMS Solution let you send SMS from UAE.

Drive traffic to your website by achieving page 1 rankings in Social Meida Sites. When you have a steady stream of qualified prospects engaged with your brand, your possibilities are limitless!.We have worked with a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500s with major international presences to startup businesses with highly focused local clientele.

You’ve come to the right place. From SMS and Email Marketing to Paid Social and PPC, our team will make your campaign a success. 

At Dataslices, we offer exponentially better assistance to augment user engagement and harvest desired result. Reach target mass in a place they visit on regular basis – their INBOX.

Email campaign

Email campaign is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool.

Brand Awareness

Email marketing service facilitates brands to meet prospects in their choice of environment.

Higher Conversion

Email advertising allow tailor-made message for each customer & eases higher conversion rate.

Acquiring New Business

Email marketing is 40X more effective for brands in acquiring new business.

Track and ROI

Opt-in feature makes email a form of consensual Email marketing campaign are easy to track and ROI is measurable.

Millions Emails

We collect, analyze, categorize and archive millions of authentic emails database


Dataslices offer an effectual marketing tool to unleash the hidden potential and reach your target audience without delay.

Are you aware that world’s population is 7.4 billion & 1 billion people use WhatsApp (1 in 7 people use WhatsApp? This fact makes WhatsApp marketing service a cutting-edge marketing medium to capture right clientele.

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At Dataslices, we ensure that your marketing efforts touches its true potential by using result-driven SMS marketing. Together we define your Bulk SMS marketing goals. We design, create and launch your successful SMS campaign so you can focus on growing your business.

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If you are looking for the most effective Radio Advertising solution for your brand, you have landed at the right place.

What Dataslices does for you?

Dataslices does not only offer the desirable air time at the best price but also provides value added services to make your entire radio advertising campaignextremely handy and easy for you to run. It helps you optimize your radio advertising campaign by allowing you to strategically choose the radio channel and airtime that is best suited to your needs followed by the complete monitoring of your ad.

Dataslices messaging platform™ (DMP) is built over kennel open source environment with linux fedora core 4/5 platform. dmp can connect to various smscs via smpp 3.4/3.5 protocols. this communication will be purely smpp based and client server architecture is followed in this dataslices messaging platform.

Being simple to use & widely accepted, SMS is a cost effective way of communication to keep in touch with your customers & employees. Dataslices is your one stop for all of your SMS communication needs. We offer variety of SMS products from SMS gateway to customized SMS applications.
Dataslices is offering following SMS solutions.


Social media has become a big business. Your customers and friends are spending more and more time socially connecting with friends and brands every day and less on other channels and sites. These platforms provide access to a wide network of users in an effective means of branding, sales, customer service, voting and even it helps with SEO campaigns.

Lead generation is a marketing process of exploring and capturing prospect customers for a product or servicefor the purpose of developing sales pipeline. The process uses different potential marketing strategies, primarily digital channels and keeps involving advanced techniques to capture high quality leads faster.

While many companies utilize both social media and email marketing. most companies are missing out on the substantial benefits of integrating the two methods. Dataslices offers you integration between your social media and email marketing with the help of which you can obtain real results more effectively and discover data about the end users.

Do you know that WhatsApp users check messages more than 100 times a day? This fact makes it cutting-edge marketing tool to capture right clientele. It is an effectual idea to unleash the hidden potential and reach your target audience without delay.

Dataslices provides flexible SMS solution to the clients ranging from big corporate & multinational companies, advertising & media agencies, small retail vendors, to individuals and students.

95 million photo and video shares every day, 20% of users are from the USA, and remaining 80% are from the rest of the world. Big global income, mobile ad income reaches $2.81 billion in 2017, 4.2 billion posts get "Like" every day, and 70.7% of brands are expecting to use it in 2017.

Professional radio hosts know how it works from the inside.Form the number of sold radio spots depends salary of radio representatives. How to help a client to succeed in radio advertisement, and get maximum profit so that next time he will choose same radio station to place his radio advertisement. These 9 rules of successful radio advertisement campaign can help you.